The hottest hair clips

15 Stylish Hair Clips – this seasons best hair hack

Have you noticed that hair clips are the new thing? If you haven’t let me call you attention to it.
Hair clips are a quick way of giving yourself a style update without the effort of going to the hairdressers or, when you just don’t want to buy a new outfit but you want to spice up a favourite outfit.


The hottest hair clips


There are no real rules here but I always try to experiment with a trend gently. So don’t go raiding your toddlers’ hair clip collection, think more along the lines of hair jewellery.

This little accessory will transform your whole look and hair style without doing much. Wear with a low slung bun, clip it to a braid or even just sweep one side of your hair up and hold it in place with a gorgeous hair clip- and you are ready to take on the world- stylishly.


stylish hair clips


With the the Polo season coming up this is perfect accessory – if you don’t want to do the hat thing.

PS, Going on vacation? Wondering what to take? Check this out.

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