What to wear on vacation

What to Wear on Vacation and 21 amazing vacation buys

What to wear for a vacation

What to Wear on a Vacation ? How can we avoid the dreaded “over pack”? How can we make sure that what we take allows us to look chic yet be comfortable. Well TS has compiled this guide to help you pack well for your vacation, while ensuring you look and feel great.

Get the foundation right–  When thinking of what to wear on vacation, think about and what you are planning to do when you get there. Is this a lay by the pool sipping cocktails kind of break or are you planning on going for walks and exploring around the vacation spot. Are you planning on doing any exercise and are you attending any parties or events etc and start the edit from there, your basics (aka your foundation). Your swimming suits, hats, glasses, beach bag runners etc. Many women get so caught up in the idea of just looking fabulous (for pictures) they forget about packing practical basic things.

Give your shoe choices some thought – If you’re a frequent reader of talking shop, you know that heels by the pool/beach are a big no no (and even wedges for that matter). You want to look chic and comfortable, not desperate. Gladiator sandals make the cut, but only just. It’s a nice idea to slip them on for date night or beach side dinner. But, one pair per trip in our opinion, what’s the point of constantly tying up and fighting with straps you have to do up every time you get dressed.

Be practical– In the day of Instagram it might be tempting to just be impractical- as long as the picture looks great. I.e. wearing that $1000 Gucci swimsuit that you can’t get near water. Yes, you read that right (and if that’s you jam, we are not judging- you can shop that below as well * wink). But let’s be real, the main point of a vacation is to let your hair down and relax. Most of your packing has to be about things that are effortless and aren’t hard work. Things that are not dry- clean- only and you can wash in the hotel laundry if need be. Think about fabrics that won’t wrinkle too much in your suitcase. Stay simplistic and pack outfits that make you look stylish and put-together but let you feel comfortable at the same time.

Do pack things that you can mix and match–  This one is self explanatory and will save you loads of space in your suitcase and maybe even save you from being a chronic over packer. The idea is that most of what you pack could be worn mixed and matched with everything you brought with you. Your denim shorts could be worn with a linen top to the beach or with a dressier top for the dinner at that fancy beachside restaurant.

Invest in a couple of great vacation wear pieces – Do get a couple of pieces, that are fail proof and a no brainer. The kind of thing that you can whip out season after season and look amazing and something that wouldn’t go out of style. I recommend that the item should not be trendy, but rather gorgeous and super flattering for your body (shape and size).  Zimmerman is fantastic for vacation (aka resort) wear, although pricy, when you find your piece trust me its worth it, because you’ll go back to it again and again.

PS  check out more footwear to wear poolside

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