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Upgrading your Style … Here is your top five starter kit

Every new year, it feels incumbent upon us to start afresh, to renew, to do things better. If one of those things is upgrading your style- dressing more consiously and confidently. Check out our Top five starter kit that might help you along. Get it ladies, make this year your year!

*here are a few ladies that up their game year after year

Gwyneth Paltrow and Talking shop

Mira Duma Talking Shop


  1. Style Inspiration: We suggest that you decide on what style you would like to embody in the new year or more to the fact, who in particular would you like to model your new look on. For example, are you after Megan Markles clean and classic with a little edge look. Or, are you now Jennifer Lopez and you want to look totally glam and polished every time you step out the door. You get what we mean, having a clear idea of what you want, will play a big part in you getting there. Get inspired and clear before you go shopping for the new you.


  1. Quality over Quantity: The true mark of a style upgrade is wearing well made clothes. Not necessarily expensive clothes, but well made. Great craftsmanship, items that are well cut to your body and shape, and look like they are made for you. Items that can last season after season. In short they are not disposable or trendy. Ps it might help if you find a tailor that you love, so rather than endlessly buying things. You might buy something that you love and adjust it to fit you perfectly.


  1. Upgrade your casual wear. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. So as much as you want to look exceptional when you go out or meet with friends or even celebrate an occasion. Most of your life is most likely to happen when you are in athletic wear, your mom uniform and your house clothes, doing every day life. To be honest a true style transformation starts here. Because this is where most of your life happens.


  1. Have the basics down. If you are a reader of Talking-Shop, you know that we are big on basics, or the essentials and what we refer to as the foundation. This is a non- negotiable. A good pair of jeans that make your butt look fab, a great pair of heels, a white shirt, a superb jacket and a classic bag… To be honest, if you have this down everything else will be a piece of cake.


  1. Pick a scent… I can not tell you how many people overlook this. People can sometimes forget what you say, but they never forget how you smell (ok I embellished that statement a little). But seriously, when so and so say this smells like Kate or this smell like you. You know you have made a mark, in the very least an impression. Make it a good one.

Oh and if you would like to upgrade your vacation style, you can do that here

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