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LOGOmania – 30 awesome Logo pieces to buy now

Best logo items on the market

The look at me logo trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact every other day it seems to be reaching another impossible high. Did you hear about the Gucci $1000 branded “swimsuit” you couldn’t get near water? Give me a break people!

The other interesting thing about this trend (hopefully it is a trend) is that as tacky as it sounds being branded in LOGOs, recent items of the runway and on the market some how actually make you look super stylish and chic. And just like the return of the 90’s bum bag aka Belt bag, I am hooked… head, line and sinker!

The thing is, there is a way to work this trend where you don’t have to end up looking like a fashion victim or in this case a Logo victim, but like someone that is in touch with the times and the trends.

Below we have selected a treasure trove of LOGO-ed items you can shop through till your heart is content. And that Gucci “swimsuit” you couldn’t swim in? Well we have found you a Fendi bikini and Valentino suit that you probably can’t swim in as well. Because why not *wink

PS – Have you checked out the “All season Boot” ?

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