The best baby shower gifts
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Baby Shower Gift Guide- 5 ultimate baby shower gift ideas

The best baby shower gifts

Β When I think of all the gifts I gave pre- having Katarina, or even the baby shower gifts I asked for at my first baby shower I smile, the naivetΓ© was real.

The amount of 000 zero outfits (just so you know they are that size for literally one day) the useless gadgets that I requested from family and friends. But we live and we learn.

So this time around, I was a lot more versed on the needs of a new baby and the most important things that will help you in dire times.

The best baby shower gift guide

As cute as those soft toys are (I am still wading through boxes of those to be donated to charity) they have no real function, but to crowd up your house. Your child will take a liking to maybe only couple of them, meaning the twelve other bunnies, giraffes and cuddly elephants will have to find a new home.

It’s so easy to get carried away when there is so much cuteness and baby-ness everywhere, so here are 5 must haves for baby (and moms sanity)

This list the obvious but often overlooked items that are so very important. Some items might require a couple of people to contribute, but let me tell you it will be very well worth it and deeply appreciated.

So if you want to win at being the most thoughtful friend and relative, use this baby shower gift guide to get what is most needed.

PS if you have a daughter, check this link out!

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