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A trend your little fashionista will love

Victoria Latu Daughter Cotton onI love clothes, so I knew the day would come when my daughter Katarina who is affectionately known as just “K” would start showing some of that in her personality. What I didn’t expect is for it to happen so quickly! After all she has just turned 2.

Every mom knows that age in a toddler. You wake up one morning and your little darling, has a mind of her own and will only put on clothes and things she deems appropriate!

Victoria Latu Talking Kid fashion trendsWell,  she is currently into frills *shocker  as most two year olds are and nothing else will do. So to keep my stress at a minimum in the mornings, we had to go shopping for some frills. Whilst shopping we came across a variety of “frilly” wonders in CottonOn kids. Nothing tacky or embarrassing ( as some frilly styles tend to be) just great clothes that your little trendsetter is bound to love. K spotted a few and fell in love instantly, and I let her pick out a couple. I must say I was impressed with her choices. She picked out a denim frilly skirt number and a similar one in khaki (seriously little miss had it covered) what can I say- she learns from the best!

A trend your little fashionista will love

Victoria Latu Talking clothes for little girlsIf you are looking to satiate your little fashinista with frilly styles that look chic, smart and reasonably priced give Cotton On at try, but as always I have collated a few more for you to choose from.

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