what to wear to job interview
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What to wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to a job interview

Communication is part what you say and part how you present yourself. Not to apply any additional pressure to an already seriously pressured situation but you are judged in the first three seconds of meeting somebody. It’s likely that you are going to be judged before you even say anything concerning your resume!

What to wear to a job interview
You’ve got to walk into that interview looking and feeling your best – in order words you’ve got to own it. Don’t wear anything that you have to fidget with or anything that you are not a hundred percent about.

How you dress for a job interview and could leave a lasting impression and even help you score the job.

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1. Wear Colour its more memorable. You stand to make an impression when you wear colour. Nothing crazy, we are not suggesting that you go head to toe neon, but an injection of colour can bring the whole outfit up a notch. Think navy, burgundy, or even brown if you are too scared of wearing anything brighter.

2. A different take. Another great way to stand out and be memorable is to do a different take of the usual office wear. So rather than just a wearing a regular pencil skirt why don’t you give a flattering pleated skirt a go. The pleaded skirt is no longer just a trend. It isn’t going anywhere, and if you are looking to do a spin on the usual pencil skirt. The pleated skirt is a great way to do it

3. The right heel. Not sure if there is scientific proof, but most women would agree that wearing a great heel improves the way they feel in an outfit. It completes a look (It is definateltly a great idea to wear heels to a Job Interview) It might have something to do with the posture (wearing a heel automatically make you stand better) or maybe its something about being higher make you feel powerful. What ever it is search and and find your heel. But, and this is a big but don’t get a heel so high and uncomfortable that you find it hard to walk. There is nothing shatters the look of competence and confidence than the wobble.

4. Dress for the Job you want aka be appropriate. Give the Interviewer an idea that you know what the job entails. For example, Dressing for a job at a fashion magazine will be a lot more relaxed than say if you were going for a job in finance.

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