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Dressing your bump – Dressing for the office whilst pregnant

Dressing for the office whilst pregnant can be a tricky concept. You still want to look the part and be taken seriously but you also need to be comfortable for yourself and your baby through out the day.

Here are 6 tips that make dressing for the office a breeze

Comfort– Fabrics that scratch, don’t breathe, and don’t have stretch in them shouldn’t even be considered. Growing a baby isn’t the most comfortable thing in my experience so dressing during this period must be comfortable as well as smart.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Maternity Office haul, Pregnant in the office

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Soon Maternity, Great pregnancy pants

*I have here some pants from Soon Maternity and they are have a slack fit to them. But they are made from quality fabric so they look and feel great.

Colour-During this this period colours such as beige, greys, blacks, charcoals, navy and nudes are great for the office. These colours go together and make mixing and matching a lot easier and don’t draw attention to all the wrong places.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Soon Maternity, Bump style, maternity clothes winter

*I have matched a charcoal top from Soon Maternity with a pair of their black pants and layered it with a jacket that I already had in my wardrobe.  The colours worked great together and I look smart, whilst still extremely comfortable. The top, can later be used as a nursing top as it has an opening providing versatility and longevity.


Vests and Jackets are a fantastic addition to the wardrobe whilst pregnant and they are items that you might already have in your wardrobe. They make it easy to streamline and pull together a look. And if you buy a couple of jackets or vests during your pregnancy, these are items that can be worn afterwards as well, as jackets and vest are the few things during pregnancy that don’t have to be maternity specific.

 Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Pregnancy dress hot, Bump style

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Pregnant dress hot, Maternity style

Dresses– I’m a great proponent of dresses, pregnant or not. I just find a great dress extremely necessary in any functional wardrobe as they are easy. When you find a great dress, you are set for a number of occasions. A great dress could take you straight from desk to dine. Whilst pregnant all the prior tips apply. You want to find a comfortable dress, with the right fit and colour and one that can give you that versatility.

Leo Cap Sleeve Dress Dot Print- http://www.soonmaternity.com/leo-cap-sleeve-maternity-dress-navy-dot_1001202/  $129.95

Vicrtoria Latu, Talking Shop, Pregnant dress hot, maternity hacks

* I found this fantastic dress at Soon Maternity. It feels great, looks smart and could work for a function or dinner with clients or friends right after work. Comfort, fit and versatility!

Accessories– Great scarfs, customer jewellery, hang bags and shoes play a big part in making a look work during pregnancy. Scarfs especially are a great way to draw some attention of the bump and deflect from areas that you want hidden.

Maternity Specific – And lastly, I highly recommend that during your pregnancy- at some point you need to go in and buy a couple of maternity specific items. This is the main change that I’ve found helped me dress and look better this time around. You can’t really get away with upsizing your clothes for too long and a good maternity clothes provider will be able to cater to all your pregnancy style needs. Just start with the tips I have given and you should be well on your way.

Victoria Latu, Maternity specific dress, Soon maternity dress, pregnancy dress hot

To all the pregnant mamas out there. As always do let me know if I have forgotten something or anything else that needs to be added in the comment section below.

Till next time we talk shop,


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