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Pregnancy Hacks to help you dress in pregnancy and 2 of my favourite pregnancy looks so far

This is my second time being pregnant and as I mentioned before the last time was kind of a blur. I wasn’t sure of what it was I was dealing with and I didn’t feel good in my head and body. I was just a ball of nervous energy hoping everything would be okay with the baby and the birth. This time around, although I’m still not ‘in love’ with being pregnant (still no happy hormones for me) I have decided that I am going to have a better attitude about it all.  The truth is I actually have no choice, I have so much work on and a toddler that wouldn’t allow me any wallowing.

Fashion, clothes – your appearance in general has a massive effect on how you feel about yourself during this period. And when you’re pregnant your appearance takes on a different degree of difficulty ( not every one has Chrissy Tiegen’s stylist on hand.)  But knowing what to wear, where to shop and how to put things together easily and quickly was the idea behind the “dressing the bump” series.

Victotria Latu, Talking shop, Pregnancy fashion, maternity hacks

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Soon Maternity, Pregnant Dressing, maternity haul

Let’s start of this series with 3 big tips of Pregnancy Dressing

Tip 1Don’t just buy your normal clothes in a bigger size-   It’s a misconception that the reason you find it hard to dress whilst pregnant is mainly because of the weight gain. I disagree, I think a major factor is that your body actually changes shape along with the weight gain that is usually experienced. You also have this beautiful bump to consider when dressing. So wearing what you’ve normally worn in a bigger size isn’t the answer. But, buying a few versitile pregnancy specific clothes is.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Maternity clothes haul, Pregnant dress hot

Tip 2– Comfort is Queen. This one is self explanatory. I always say that pregnancy is not usually the most comfortable of experiences. So comfort is queen whilst dressing during this period. You need to be comfortable and happy, so baby can be comfortable and happy.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Soon Maternity, Maternity clothing

Cara Dress-  http://www.soonmaternity.com/soon-maternity-cara-drape-maternity-dress-baby-pink-s_1001202/ $139.95

Tip 3– Do create a pregnancy capsule wardrobe for yourself.

Victoria Latua, Talking Shop, Seed Heritage maternity, Maternity style

Victoria Latu, Pregnancy dress hot, Talking shop, styled Comfort dressing

Victoria Latu, talking shop, maternity clothes, maternity clothes diy, pregnant dress hot,

A capsule is a collection of essential clothing items that make you look your best, these items should be easy to mix and match so that it could make dressing a whole lot easier. And if curated well, these selection of clothing could last you the whole pregnancy. Chance are that some things would have to be taken out and new things added as you are going to be growing day by day. But the essential core items remain. The idea is to simplify your life, but still look and feel great.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Seed Heritage, Maternity Style, Pregnant dress hot

So, with those tips starting us off.  Welcome to the “dressing the bump” series. As always I do find your feed back extremely valuable. If there are items or clothes you would like for Talking-Shop to test run or review do let us know. And please share your own tips and hacks that have made your life easier during pregnancy. Wishing you all the healthiest and happiest pregnancies. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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