3 key tips to make shopping for your perfect denim a breeze

Denim is one of the hardest things to shop for and it was voted the most dreaded item to shop for by women! And I completely understand why! That’s why I have compiled three key tips that will hopefully help you make shopping for your perfect pair of denim a breeze.

There is just such much choice out there but more importantly there is so much riding on finding that perfect pair of denim. Because you know that once you get that one magical pair, you will drastically cut down your “get ready” time and always look at least half way decent.

Hopefully (when you watch my video) and read through this article you would have come a lot closer to knowing how to pick the right denim for you.

Victoria Latu, Autumn Winter trends

There are 3 main things to consider when shopping for denim.

The wash

The wash is the colour of the jeans. I particularly favour a darker wash because a darker colour is usually more slimming and more versatile. You can also dress up a darker demin, and in some cases even wear it to work. So always start shopping with the type of wash in mind first, otherwise you are asking for overwhelm.

The Rise

The rise, is about how high up the waist band of the jean sits. Does the pair of jeans you are looking at sit on just above the hip bone? That would be mid rise… Does it sit closer to your waist  or (belly button)  that would be more of a high rise and the low rise kind is on the lower end of your hip bone. I favour the high rise skinny jean because I feel like it acts like a bit of a spanx (meanind it sucks and holds everything in) and who doesn’t love that?!


Victoria Latu, Autumn denim

The placement of the pockets

This one is a bit tricky because I find that although the pockets do have an impact on how your butt looks in those jeans, I believe that it really depends on that particular cut of jean in question rather than the size of the pockets that will dictate whats more favourable for your body type.

However, I personally believe that if you stick to figuring out the right wash and correct rise for you, the size of the pockets if any will be a minor detail in your final selection.

As an extra tip…

WHITE jeans … Remember that when you are buying a pair of white jeans you should put a big emphasis on buying a quality denim in other words making sure they are not see through… because that just says cheap. Also make sure to buy them a size up or slightly bigger. White jeans unlike other washes are extremely unforgiving and usually unflattering when they look painted on.

In conclusion…

There are a million different cuts out there that could work on everybody type if you search long enough and use the tips provided above.

Work out a wash that you are going for and what actually looks good on you because the same cut jeans in a different wash lighter or darker can do very different things for your body.

Till next time we talk shop,



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