The Denim Workshop- How to pick the right denim this season

The Denim Workshop- How to pick the right denim
Hopefully (when you watch my video) you will learn how to pick the right denim for your body and what trends if any you could/ would want to indulge in this season. And there are a whole load of them! The mom jean, the girlfriend jean, the embroidered jean and let me tell you there are a whole lot more and I show some them in this video.

The take away from this video should be something to make the dreaded shopping for denim experience a lot less scary. Just remember my 3 tips.

The wash
The wash is the colour of the jeans. I particularly favour a darker wash because a darker colour is usually more slimming and more versatile. You can dress up a darker demin, or even wear it to work.

The Rise
The rise it about how high up the waist band of the jean sits. Does it sit on just above the hip? That would be mid rise… Does it sit closer to your waist that would be more of a high rise. And the low rise is on the lower end of your hip bone.

The placement of the pockets
This one is a bit tricky because I find that although the pockets do have an impact on how your butt looks in those jeans, the pockets only matter in relation to the cut of that particular jean in question.

If you get the right wash and correct rise for your body type the pockets that pair will not play that big a role.

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