Victoria Latu wearing a bridal pink

The spring trend that will keep you blushing

Spring is here and with it comes loads of pastel coloured everything! This season look in any store and you will not be able to avoid the blush tone or many other sorbet colours for that matter.

The blush tone I would describe as a sweeter pink and super feminine which is a quite a welcome change from the masculine shaped coats and military shaped blazers (Balmain blazers anyone?) and check prints that have kept us warm all winter.

Victoria Latu, Talking shop with Victoria Latu, How to be stylish this summer, Style tips for 2017,
Victoria Latu, Talking -Shop with Victoria Latu

This is your time to be unapologetically feminine. Having said that, my style aesthetic does naturally lean towards an edgier side so I can’t help but give a feminine piece a masculine touch and I did that here with an oversized denim jacket (another trend to consider this season)

Talking-Shop with Victoria Latu, Style 2017, Curly hair

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