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NEW Seed Heritage High Street Haul – Top FIVE

Top 5 is a new series from talking shop (and this week we are talking shop with Seed Heritage) We aim to make your shopping life easier. Most people don’t have the luxury of shopping all afternoon and some find it overwhelming and stressful.

So we do the work for you. We picked out 5 pieces (from Seed Heritage) we think are the pick of the bunch, current and on trend and show it to you and put it in context.
If you see something you like you, just click on it (below) … and voila !

( For our internationals readers) If you have ever been interested in high street Australian brands then you are in luck as we will be featuring loads of them.

Psst, Need footware for your upcoming beachside/poolside vacay? We got you covered… Check out our edit on SLIDES!

Till next time we talk shop,


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