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How to look expensive whilst on a Budget- Shopping Tips

How to look expensive on a budget isn’t that hard when you have the following tips and tricks to help you along.

  1. Accessories are key

When you’re trying to elevate an outfit, accessories are the way to go. It’s a cheap and cheerful quick way of sprucing up an outfit- and no one knows how much was spent. Especially today when accessories are KING! So many fun accessories around, think huge hair clips, chandelier earrings, bejewelled shoes etc. And they are so much fun to shop for. Oh, don’t forget sunglasses are also a great accessory and finish of an outfit perfectly.


  1. Its knowing where to spend your money and what to spend it on.

Your essentials should be the very best that your budget can allow for. Try not to scrimp here, these are items the rest of your clothes are built around. For example, every girl needs a great pair of denim (and yes you can get a pair that looks the part or close to- BUT if they are a cheap pair- they won’t last so why bother wasting your money repurchasing crap. Save yourself time and effort and invest in a pair that that makes you look fab in the first place.


  1. Keep it Neutral when it comes to colour… Nudes, Blacks, whites, creams, blushes these are all expensive looking colours

This is my favourite “how to look expensive” tip. Stick to the basic colour schemes. Like who’s to tell if a black t-shirt cost 20 or 200 dollars. Stay away from patterns and busy designs. An expensive look is usually a polished and pulled together kind of affair. Another tip here is that dressing monochromatically (along the lines of one colour family) is the quickest way to look polished and put together in other words – expensive.


  1. Keep it classic

As per the last point. Not many details if any at all.  You don’t want to be walking around with a rhinestone missing if you have purchased an inexpensive version of something.

Look for clean and simple lines when it comes to the finishing or design of an item. Nothing busy.


  1. Know thy self.

If you get this, it will change your appearance in clothes- forever.  Know what you look best in, what colours, what styles etc So you don’t you look uncomfortable and in “costume”.


     6. Have you checked out the men’s department?

Thing like shirts, oversized blazers, denim or leather jackets could be found it the men’s departments of some brands. You would be surprised at the amount of gems you find.


  1. Shop smart.

Look out for the sales or wait for the sales or don’t forget thrifting!


Hope these few “How to look expensive” tips have opened your mind to all the available possibilities of conquering the shopping game and staying within you budget.

Till next time we talk shop,


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