Behind The Scenes: Talking Shop Ep3- Vision


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BTS- Talking Shop is a series about what it takes to build and online media ecommerce platform like Talking-Shop.com.au in today’s ever changing digital media climate. We take you with us on fashion shoots, brand collaborations, on location with my TV spots and more!

This is a series about business, fashion, perseverance and friendship.


In this BTS Episode my team and I go on a very interesting content shoot and we also discuss the importance of Vision for our Brand and business.


In business, it’s imperative that you have a vision for where it is that you want to go. It is also ok if you get half way and decide that the initial vision that you had for yourself or business is no longer what you want or where you want to be. Vision like everything in life is susceptible to change and evolution and that is ok.

Its ok to grow, change and evolve and not be held captive by a vision you “once” had for yourself and business.


BUT,  and this is a big BUT. You must START with a vision of some sort so you at least have a direction in which you ( and your “team”) are headed.


Without a VISION what people do is revolve instead of EVOLVE and in 2020, I know that you, like myself and my TEAM at (Land de Kommune) are all about Evolution and Growth.

Let me know in the comments below… Do you have a vision? A vision Board? I would love to get the your take on this.

Till next time we talk shop,


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