What to wear to work in 2020
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How to dress for work – work wear Ideas and detailed shopping guide

Styles to wear to work in 2020

Work Wear 2020.

Don’t think of it as work wear, rather think of it as clothes I can wear to work. Thinking this way makes it less daunting finding the perfect work attire. Plus, you want clothes that can take you through out your entire day and be suitable for all that is required of you in your everyday life. Meaning the commute and maybe the odd work event or dinner with friends right after without having to change your whole outfit.

To start with, it would help to find your work style. But, how do you find your work style? Well, start by dressing for the job you want. Look at someone that inspires you. It could be a  high profiled business woman in the media or somebody at the company you already work at and take cues from how they dress. You don’t have to go out and copy the entire look. But having some inspiration or direction of what you would like your work wear to be, helps when putting your office wear arsenal together.

To get you started, here are some fantastic and fashion forward work wear ideas

1. The Suit – Great tailoring is key. An ill fitting suit is a crime. Get it tailored if need be.

2. Statement dress – A great dress if everything. Its your one and done. This could be a pencil dress or other wise. Just as long as it’s a dress that leaves a memorable and positive impression.

3. A Shirt Dress – Easy.

4. The Pleated Skirt – The pleaded skirt is no longer just a trend. It isn’t going anywhere, and if you are looking to do a modern spin on the usual pencil skirt. The pleated skirt is a great way to do it.

5. Gorgeous Blouse – These is the piece in your wardrobe that encourages variety and should be able to be matched with most bottoms (pants and skirts) in your wardrobe already.

6. The Right Heel – There is something to be said about finding the right shoe and heel height. You want to tap into the magic of a high heel. Not sure if there is scientific proof, but most women agree that wearing a great heel improves the way they feel in an outfit. It completes a look. It might have something to do with the posture (wearing a heel automatically make you stand better) or maybe its something about being higher make you feel powerful. A good option to explore is the block heel.

7. The Jacket– A great jacket has the power to elevate your look and make you look more polished. It is usually the finishing touch to a work outfit.

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