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4 things you need in the Perfect Pregnancy Capsule

A capsule is a collection of essential clothing that makes you look your best, items that are easy to mix and match so that it makes dressing a whole lot easier. And since this is a pregnancy capsule this is to help you package up a selection of clothing that would last you the whole pregnancy. Chances are that some things would have to be taken out and new things added as you are going to be growing day by day, that’s just the nature of pregnancy, but the essential core items remain.


The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it saves time, you already know that this is a pre-selection of clothing that makes you look the best at the moment.


There are a few things you should consider that would make the selection of a capsule easier but let’s start with items that make you comfortable. Pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable thing, so dressing whilst pregnant has to be comfortable.

You should put some thought into fit. There are times in your pregnancy that you would will look better in looser clothing and there are stages that you need to consider some more tight fitting things. Don’t be scared or tight clothing, as long as it is done in the right material and fabric.

You also have to consider what season is your pregnancy going to mostly feature in. Are you going to be mostly pregnant in the summer or are you doing this pregnancy in the winter? These are important factors to consider when you are trying to put together a capsule that will see you through and hopefully make life a lot easier!


So now that we have discussed factors that could help in the selection of the clothing itself, lets get to the clothing items.

1.Great Maternity Denim- This is a must, finding that perfect and comfortable pair of denim automatically elevates you style and makes the mix and matching of your items that much easier. And as always a great denim could be dress up or worn casually.


  1. Vests and Jackets – Well chosen outerwear will give you a finished and polished look. Its like the finishing touch. Pregnant or not, a great blazer, jacket or vest should be a staple in any woman’s closet.


  1. A Versatile Dress – Dresses are easy. Find the right versatile dress and your work is done. A great versatile dress should be able to take you from a casual mom day out running errands if you pair it with sneakers and allow you to look dressed when you pair it with heels.


  1. A Style Piece – Is that one item in your closet that show that you enjoy fashion and style. It’s a piece that you pick up if you have a wedding, birthday or a sexy date night you want “dressed up” for.


It’s important that you don’t forget your sense of style and enjoy fashion. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to forget all sense of style or the fact that you enjoy looking and dressing well.

I am passionate about this because, in my experience this a time when most women often do not feel that good about themselves and their appearance, there is so much going on with our bodies and say what you will about clothes and fashion… when you do style right, it does great things for your confidence and how you feel about yourself- and happy mama, means happy baby.

If  you are a working mama, you can watch the making the perfect Maternity Office Wardrobe here and if you prefer to read you can find a detailed artcle and shop the links here.


Till next time we talk shop,


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