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How to shop and find a perfect fitting bra

How to shop for a perfect fitting bra

A very big thank you to Bras N things
As women most of us know that we might be walking around in the wrong sized bra. A bra that is either too small, or a touch too big and or even that’s way past due its used by date. I have to confess, I am one of these women still wearing my maternity bra and my son is almost a year old!

But we are going to change that today and I am taking you with me!

As a style and shopping expert it’s my job to get you the best and easiest way to shop for everything and that includes a bra. So you look your very best in clothes and never again have to wonder if your “girls” are getting the right amount of support.

In this video I will take you into Bras N Things and we are going to tackle all bra sizing issues with a bra EXPERT and learn … how you can eliminate spillage, add volume or minimise if that’s what you need and how we can handle the dreaded “back bulge”!

Plus, after she show us exactly what to look for in a perfect fitting Bra… She goes on to answers a few questions you lovely ladies sent in!

So I hope you enjoy the first instalment of what is to become the “BUY BETTER” series where I will go right to the experts and ask all the questions, and get all the answers. So the next time you hit the shops, you are shopping with confidence (knowing what to look for and where) whilst saving money and time!

Well, till next time we talk shop,


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What to look for when shopping for a perfect fitting bra

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