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Summers Must Have Shoes- Top Five

In todays video I take you through summers must have shoes and give you ideas on how to wear them.

There is a mix of vacation shoes, occasion shoes, the plastic shoe- yes you read right, and of course the casual shoe ( dad snearker anyone) hey before you roll your eyes, have a look. You might be a convert * wink.

I also show you what has fondly become known as the “Kim K” shoe. What is that you ask? Again, watch right through till the end and let me know what you think about them. You might surprise yourself.

In short there is somthing for every one this season.

Top Five is a series with which we aim to make your shopping life easier. Most people don’t have the luxury of shopping all afternoon and some find it overwhelming and stressful.

So we do the work for you. We pick out 5 pieces that we think are the pick of the bunch, they are also current and on trend and I show it to you and put it in context ( as in how to wear it and with what)

If you see something you like you, just click on it (below) … and voila !

Watch our top 5 from Witchery

Till next time we talk shop,


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