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Mother’s Day Gift Guide, 4 amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas

Before we get into the Mother’s Day gift guide, I would like to pay a little tribute to all the mamas out there. I hope you know how amazing and awesome you are!

Since having my daughter, my love and appreciation for my own mother has taken on a different meaning. I have come to depend and need my mother in a way that has actually surprised even me.

*sidenote- you can read the personal note I wrote for my daughter here, to give you a deeper in sight into what I am talking about.

I have always had a very close relationship with my mum but having my own daughter brought that to a whole other level.

Maybe its because, there are moments when I’m overwhelmed with all the things I have to do and she comes sweeping in and saving the day?

Or maybe it because of the no bullshit advice she dishes out on the daily to set me straight.

But most likely I suspect its because having my daughter has shown me first hand the amount of self sacrifice, the capacity for love you have to posses. And that a mother’s love is truly unconditional, and even though its often undeserved, a mothers love is still given.

I have learnt an awful amount from my own mother about love, work ethic, perseverance, dedication, importance of family and way more than I can put in plain words. I truly hope that I have a relationship with my daughter like the one I have with my own mother.

So in honour of mother’s day, and knowing that no amount of “things” can quantify the love, awe and appreciation for our moms, a great mother’s day gift she will love is still a warm and really lovely gesture. This year I have tried to select little luxuries that will actually spoil mom for a change.

AESOP- Everybody LOVES this brand. It looks good, smell fantastic, works magic and has great ingredients. Receiving anything from this brand feels special and luxurious. Mom will love it.


NESPRESSO – I don’t know about you but coffee is “mom fuel” … a necessity. And a coffee from and made with nespresso tastes like you have a cafe in your kitchen! Seriously its that good. I have selected a few of them to choose from and they range in price from $100 – $300 depending your budget, there is a coffee maker there for you.

AWESOME ACTIVE WEAR- Active wear has come a long way. You can find active wear that is super functional, versatile and supportive to the body. Great active wear is a game changer, it allows you to look fabulous whilst properly supporting your body whilst you work out. Treat mom to a great looking set.

CLASSES – Whilst we are on the topic of active wear why not get mom a class or 2 of pilates, meditation, yoga… you get the drift. Something that she could use to take care of herself.

HOMEWARES – You can also get a great Mother’s Day gift for our trusty Target. Shop something from Targets stunning new home wares collection, there are loads of choices, here are a few examples. Exteremely budget friendly, yet with touch of luxury. You can’t go wrong with that.


Victoria Latu talking target bedding


Victoria Latu Motherday gift guide

https://www.target.com.au/look/a-splash-of-colour/LOOK1178806Victoria Latu Talking shop with target linen


I have tried to be original whilst choosing mother’s day gifts that would make mom feel special. It’s a day to treat mom, so no more crap presents.

PS, spend some time with mom, return those phone calls and maybe when she presses those buttons to set you off like only a mother can, take a breath and let some off them slide. *wink

Remember that it doesn’t need to be mother’s day to celebrate a mothers love and those of us lucky enough to still have our moms should always, always remember that.

If you want to read a personal letter I wrote to my daughter, you can read it here.

Till next time we talk shop,


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