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The most ON trend bags of the season

VIctoria Latu talking bags of the season

VIctoria Latu talking bags of the season

Bum bags anyone? Who would have thought that the 80’s fashion atrocity would make a big return and be received with open arms? I distinctly remember making fun of my mother whenever I saw pictures of her in the 80’s wearing one. Ironically, I’m now on a waiting list for a Prada bum bag that has been sold out round the country for the past few months. The bum bags are in high demand people, go figure.

Victoria Latu Chanel classic bag

Backpacks are another bag trend that I did raise an eyebrow to, but being a mom I have to admit it is my most loved bag at the moment and I never want it to go out of style, because it’s just so bloody functional! You can pack up all your days’ necessities in this chic and stylish piece and still have your hands free to wrangle the kids at the park or supermarket. Functional fashion is where it’s at the moment!

The Circle bag – There is a huge variety of round styles and sizes. Although I’m not sure how long this trend would last, it’s a fun and feminine trend and if you like the look of it I have included a few for you to select from.

bags of the season talking shop

The Large Tote – You can throw you whole life in there and keep it moving. The Louis Vuitton “never full” has been on the market forever but many other luxury and high street brands have got tote bag styles on offer. You can have your large tote from almost every brand on the market.

Trends are fun and just like a great pair of shoes, bags can do a major upgrade on an average outfit and make you feel like a million bucks. But when spending the big cash, stick to classic items. Bags that won’t go out of style. With easy colours (black and nudes etc.) and shapes that will withstand the test of time and could be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe. Bags that will look current twenty years down the line.

But hey, fashion is meant to be fun! So if you are so inclined, indulge in the trends, who knows they might stick around for longer than we anticipate. I for one will not be giving up on my trendy backpack anytime soon, no matter what the fashion gods say.

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