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Shop like a professional Shopper!

*Image shot by Tommy Ward at Land de Kommune.

Shop like a professional shopper.

Having worked in and around fashion for a very long time, I have learned how to shop and shop very efficiently. Saving time, money whilst getting mostly what it is that you need, and specifically eliminating that “I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” disorder. I have learn to do that by following 4 easy tips which I share with you below.

1. Self exploration not just Instagram Inspiration.
Just because your favourite instagramer looks fantastic in that top. Doesn’t not mean you would look like fantastic in that top. Don’t forget what looks great on you and your body and you colouring. Not just the next cool “sponsored” thing being promoted. Work out what if its something you really like. Maybe do some research (pinterest, magazine) collect a few images and then see if there is a correlation of style or aesthetic you seem to gravitate to and execute on that. Rather than being the constant victim of the latest new thing.

2. Shop with your “life style” in mind.
This is similar to first point. Think about what your daily life consists of and try to shop for that in mind. Eg I used to always buy clothes for an “event” that might come up in the future- once or twice maybe even 3 times is fine. But if you are really lacking in work wear or everyday foundational pieces that make you look put together and stylish at work, but you have a closet full of party outfits then there’s a problem.

3. NO you didn’t save money just because that item was on “SALE”
Just buying something you are so-so about just because it is on sale is a no- no honey.
I know loads of people that get a high from buying things just because they are on sale. You only win if you have been stalking that item for a while and it fits your lifestyle and STYLE. Otherwise that sale item is working against you in more ways than one. (Chances are you are compromising on something if you don’t think it through)

4. Before you go shopping do an audit
An audit of your wardrobe and of all the clothes you already have. Try to work out what you could use more of or what needs replacing. Most people look at their closet and have nothing to wear because they are missing the items that bring the looks together or complete the look. They are lacking in the essentials, the basics, the fundamentals. Have a look in your wardrobe and and see what foundational pieces you might be missing or that need upgrading (jeans, blazer, white shirt or t-shirts, etc.


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