Victoria Latu wearing flatering swimwear

2 Flattering Swimwear Styles to try

The thing is,  I have started plotting an escape to a warmer climate. It might prove to be a little difficult as I’m only a couple of months away from my due date with baby #2, but one can dream. Besides, a “baby moon” before baby arrives might be just what the whole family needs. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Victoria Latu in flattering Swimwear

To my international readers on the other side of the planet that are about to be embarking on months and months of lazy beach days and pool hang outs please be mindful of just how many envy inducing summer snaps you will be uploading to Instagram!!


If you are planning your winter getaway to a warmer climate or you are lucky enough to be at the cusp of summer, there are a couple of swimsuit styles that you cannot go past.

 Victoria Latu wearing flattering swimwear

Sporty and Stylish. A sporty and stylish swimsuit to me is the modern day epitome of style at the beach. The colour doesn’t so much matter as the functionality and look of this piece. The zip feature allows you to control the amount of “sexiness” you want to display (if you know what I mean) but also allows you to be active on the beach, get a descent amount of sun protection and for me as a new mom I feel like it has a spanks effect on my figure by holding everything in. So ladies don’t feel the like you only need to wear bikinis in the summer season.


Victoria Latu, Talking flattering Swimwear

High waisted Brief and Bra let.  This might be a two piece but it has an edge and 80’s “jane fonda” work out wear vibe to it. Which makes the look quite sexy. The main reason I like this style is the high waisted briefs. They elongate the leg and hold in your tummy and who doesn’t love elongating and synching in? The options with this style are endless. You can go monochrome, single colour or colour block * like I did in the pictures


Victoria Latu wearing the latest flattering swimwear trends

Having said that, and swimsuit styles aside, remember nothing looks better on a woman than – confidence.

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