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Highpoint Shopping Centre’s Architects of Beauty: From All Angles


Talking Shop Architects of BeautyI’ve been lucky to experience Highpoint Shopping Centre’s “Architect of Beauty” panel and events for two years now and I can truly say they are getting more fabulous, entertaining and diverse with each passing year.

Highpoint’s “Architect of Beauty” event series delivers an inspirational beauty experience like no other. The Architects of Beauty will most likely return to Highpoint Shopping Centre next year so do yourself a favor and make it a date!

This year titled Architects of Beauty: From All Angles, the category-defining event series explored beauty with a focus on the face, base and body, through a series of hands-on workshops, master classes and brand events, which included a special Mother’s Day beauty brunch to celebrate mothers and their influence on beauty and life.

Architects of Beauty: From All Angles was led by some of the biggest names in the Australian beauty industry, including beauty media pioneers, Instagram icons, make-up visionaries and wellness innovators, who shared their insights, learnings and tips on beauty business, mastering on-trend looks and ‘inner beauty’. This year’s architects included:

  • Elle Ferguson – Instagram superstar, new beauty entrepreneur and founder of all-over-body glow, ELLE EFFECT
  • Nadia Bartel – Highly influential style and beauty blogger
  • Sigourney Cantelo – Renowned beauty editor and founder of online beauty destination, Beauticate
  • Sarah Holloway – Wellness innovator, and co-founder of leading green tea company, Matcha Maiden, and revolutionary wellness café, Matcha Mylkbar
  • Brooke Meredith – Certified wellness coach, and founder and Editor-in-Chief of luxury 
lifestyle publication, A Conscious Collection
  • Karla Roccuzzo – Beauty expert, Vlogger and celebrity make-up artist

Victoria Latu Highpoint Architects of BeautyI learned so much from listening to the ladies speak on career and beauty, and basically how to be your BEST self, they shared some of what helped them in their journey, which was invaluable advice. I left feeling truly inspired and energized ready to take on my business with a sense of renewed inspiration.

This would make a great girls day out or gift for somebody who is interested in all or any of the many facets of beauty. So mark your calendars, and make this a “not to be missed” event for next year at Highpoint!

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