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Talking Beauty with Celeb and Influencer Laurina Fleure

Who can forget Laurina Fleure?! She won a cult following when she competed in the second season of the Bachelor and single handedly added a slang to the Australian lexicon- remember “dirty street pie”?!

Since then she has become a bonafied celebrity and influencer and has gone on to compete on the second season of I’m a celebrity get me out of here and also featured as one of the bachelorettes on Network Ten’s Bachelor in Paradise Australia in 2018. Laurina’s beauty, warmth and smarts has got brands clamouring to work with her.

Laurina Fleure is also a great business woman and an undeniably stunning woman. Today we get chatting and get a few pointers to looking just as fab!

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What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel beautiful when I’ve been eating really well and my diet is clean and I wake up and look in the mirror and my complexion is clear and healthy. This makes me feel very confident and beautiful!

What beauty treatments do you swear by?
I swear by the Ultraformer non surgical face lift, this is an ultrasound technology that puts super hot microscopic waves 4.5 mm into the face and neck muscles, similar to cooking a steak, the muscle shrinks and tightens, the results are very anti ageing. Giving you back sharp jawline and tighter cheekbones.

Where do you go for facials or skin treatments? And what treatments do you have?
I often go to Victorian Dermal Group, I have done a few Dermamelan peels which peel 3-7 layers of skin this really helped with my Pigmentation and Melasma. Recently I have been getting Ultraformer treatments which are the skin and muscle tightening. Since doing these treatments I have been getting more compliments than ever!

Laurina Fleure Talking Shop

Where do you go for hair (cut and colour)?
I have been getting Russian Virgin hair extensions from LDL international for the past few years and I’ve never felt more confident about my hair. Virgin means never been dyed or coloured so it’s the best quality hair you can wear. LDL chose strands from up to 10 different ponytails to create completely natural highlights, so you don’t need to colour the hair, it stays healthy and can last up to 5 years for 1 lot of extensions

What “beauty hack” do you swear by?
My biggest beauty hack has got to be the green smoothie, I make 4 litres at a time and keep it in the fridge and drink it over the next 3 days. It gives your skin and insiders so much vitality and clarity. If I feel dull or I’ve been partying too hard. Gallons of green smoothie is what brings back my beauty…

What is your favourite fragrance?
My favourite fragrance is Opulance By Terry, you get it from Mecca cosmetica and it has luxurious gold sparkling notes. I feel like it makes me smell like a very refined rich bitch !!

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What is a staple in your makeup arsenal?
The staple in my make up Arsenal is NARS concealer, it’s my favourite product. The one in the pot container. It’s light wearing like a second skin, it’s flawless, covers Pigmentation and melasma, wears well under concealer, photo graphs beautifully…, it’s by far my favourite product and bare essential!!

What are you TOP 5 beauty products at the moment?
The beauty by light mask, it’s a LED light mask, I like the green light for evening out skin tone and the red light for plumping and smoothing.

I recently discovered Frankincense oil, it’s so hydrating and helps with skin clarity, you can’t put pure frankincense directly on the skin so you have to dilute it into a carrier oil, I mixed it into some lavender lemon face oil. If I use the frankincense oil in conjunction with Sunday Riley Good Genes (which has lactic acid in it), my skin responds immediately and look amazing!

Strong Vitamin A cream – any as long as it’s got at least .1% retinol

And strong Vitamin C serum! Anything that’s good good quality vitamin C , Vitamin A (retinol) and C serum are bare essentials!!!

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