how to dress for the polo

How to dress for the polo and your edited shopping list

How to dress for the poloHow to dress for the polo has often been up for debate. Many arguing that the dress code should vary depending on where that Polo event is taking place. For example, Polo on the beach would require you to dress a little differently to attending a Polo event in the city.

As with everything, if you get the foundation (essentials) right you are able to add on or take off items and incorporate trends of the season to achieve the perfect Polo look.

what to wear to the polo

The Foundation (aka The Essentials) to dress for the polo are

Dress: A good way to think of the dress code is stylish picnic meets a stylish garden party- laid back elegance, and you should be safe. Wear something floaty – nothing too constrained and you don’t have to keep to dresses alone. Jumpsuits, shorts, skirts could be in the mix. Relaxed “summer tailoring” is big this season and is always appropriate when it come to dressing for the polo.

Although its become the norm wear in white for the polo because it looks superb and very fresh. But we recommend that if you are feeling bold and are looking to stand out of the crowd there is nothing like wearing colour or a bold print.
In short when thinking of the dress code,, think floaty dresses, silky separates and relaxed tailoring.

Headwear: There are no real rules about head wear, but straw hats are usually the go to. But don’t over look headbands, scarves, and hair jewellery. Check out our fantastic edit here.

Shoes: Flats, block heels and wedges are the general rule here. You don’t want to wear heels and spend the day continually sinking into the grass.

Accessories: This is an area where you can show off and have fun. Think the latest and eyewear, the most on trend bags of the summer season (this season it’s definitely a basket bag of some sort or the Cult Gia woven bag), chandelier earrings or statement necklaces are all a great addition to your outfit and could make or break your polo outfit.

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