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The Essential Workwear Checklist- Dressing for Success

If you haven’t watched my “the essential work wear wardrobe” I highly recommend that you do (it will help you visually to understand things). Also as with all my videos I leave a check list to make shopping easier and more productive. There is no point wasting your time browsing stores and various websites if you don’t know what it is that you are looking for.

Work wear is usually the least fun thing to shop for, but it is also the most important because you spend up to five days week wearing it.
Dressing up should never be a challenge, where is the fun in that?! I remember being in the corporate world and every morning wasted a crap load of time pondering what to wear and honestly no one has the time for that. So talking shop is here to help.

Get ready to give your work wear a promotion with “The essential” work wear checklist

1. The white shirt – this is a pillar of the off duty and on duty ward robe. It is the ultimate essential. I recommend you have a few of these because white can get dirty very quickly and why not take advantage of the different variations on the market at the moment. But remember, before getting carried away with all the options- start with a classic white shirt.

2. The blazer – Then right cut blazer is a most for the work wear wardrobe and as with the white shirt, there are a variety on the market but I recommend starting with a black one. Once you get the cut and fit that suits your body, playing with trends and colours will become a piece of cake.

3. The dress pant- the dress pant, is another item of clothing that is fantastic and versatile and not to mention flattering as the right pair will elongate and slim your figure.

Talking Shop, Victoria Latu, Success dressing, best dressed at the office

4. The jumpsuit is a great and modern way of doing work wear

5. The dress – as with everything the fit of the dress is key and of course the length. You don’t want anything too short. I also particularly like a dress with sleeves. So, if on the run and you forget your jacket you still be presentable

6. The two-piece suit – This is a complete look in itself and then it actually lends itself to being mix and matchable. You can wear the pants separately and you can wear the jacket over and with everything else in your ward robe. There are so many suit options available to you this season, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and print if need be.

Victoria Latu, Talking Shop, Dress for success, Stylish office wear
Victoria Latu, Office success, Stlylish workwear tips

7. The trench or (the right coat) Outer wear is extremely important when finishing up a look and for looking pulled together arriving at the office or meetings.

So till next time we talk shop,


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