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Working the Pyjama Look

The pyjama look is all the rage and “of the moment” as they say… I also know some people think that it is a phase. This is a phase I must agree, but quite a versatile one. And by versatile I mean, you could get about 5 or 6 completely different looks out of a pyjama set. I am also doing a video on this particular look and showing you how to wear it in all sort of flattering ways, so stay tuned for that.

Think of “The pyjama Set” as a two-piece ensemble that you can wear as separates when you think the fad is over. You can mix the pant with a different top or the shirt component with a different pant or skirt and viola…. You have great brand new looking outfits.

But don’t forget that “the pyjama look” is a look by itself and when done well allows you to look very stylish and chic and not to mention “of the moment” You can dress it up for and evening or down for the day. But either way it is a look that makes you look quite pulled together.

There are quite a few on the market, ranging from high end to the you high street fashion brands. This one I am wearing is from Zara and I can not tell you how many people compliment this outfit.

Oh, if everything fails.. you could just wear it to bed 😉 I kid I kid


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