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Tucker Street- making weeknight dinners a breeze

I’m always interested in women lead businesses and quite interested to find out what they have to offer, how they came about and what makes them tick. So I was eager to speak to Angela a mom of two and owner of Tucker Street which is a company that delivers delicious meal kits to your door step.

In the age where time is of a premium and convenience is most sort out in our busy life styles, its no wonder that food kits and food delivery services in general seem to be popping up everywhere. I spoke to Angela about Tucker Street and what makes it unique.

Tucker st food

How did Tucker Street come about?

“My husband and I were working long days in cooperate jobs and often scraping together dinner at the last minute. After long days at work the last thing we would feel like doing was coming up with healthy dinner ideas. That sparked the initial idea for Tucker Street, a solution to the dinner dilemma that allows you to cook wholesome and delicious meals with quality ingredients without any of the hassle or the stress”.

 What do you think makes Tucker Street unique?

“With Tucker Street we use premium product, from very select providers, and that’s the main reason we cater just to Melbourne. The kind of quality we provide can’t be done at mass without loosing some of it’s quality. We aim to give people something special, help people explore different types of cuisine, not just the basic meal ideas.  We also aim to educate people with our food. In addition, we follow Melbourne food trends and often collaborate with iconic Melbourne chefs, and restaurants giving our customers the opportunity to recreate their special dishes at at home”.

Tucker St meal kits

As a mom, what is your approach to feeding your kids?

“Kids are likely to do what they see; they copy their parents. They are more likely to eat what they see their parents eat. So if you as a parent are constantly eating a variety of cuisines with fresh, colourful ingredients, your kids will inevitably follow suit. Seeing you try different, healthy foods encourages kids to eat the same and hopefully minimise fussiness and getting stuck in food ruts”.

Tucker St fresh produce

If someone was wanting to try out Tucker Street, what would you suggest they start with?

“I think everything is great, obviously”.  All the boxes offer something different depending on people’s tastebuds and dietary needs but the Balance Box has a bit of everything – a seafood, meat, and a vegetarian dish. If you’ve been curious about trying to eat less meat or incorporate more seafood based meals in your repertoire but don’t know where to start, the Balance Box is a great introduction so you can get some inspiration”.

“We really care about the produce we provide, supporting local and choosing things that are sustainable for the environment. So I guess that filters down to our product and the recipes in our boxes”.

Angela Vu co-owner of Tucker St

After chatting to Angela and listening to all she had to say, I ordered the Balance Box as recommended to try it and see for myself. The food was delicious, the portions very satisfactory (I even had left overs).

If you are a person that cares about eating healthy, delicious produce and how that produce is sourced. Tucker Street is one to try.

Till next time we talk shop,


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