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Race Day Ready- Race Wear with Karen Millen

The Melbourne Cup race week is the event on the Australian social calendar and we mean its big! Being race wear ready is of great importance. For this races season you can’t go past Karen Millen for the stylish, modern and gorgeous dresses to suit one or every one of the race days.

Derby Day

Derby Day is the first day of the Melbourne Cup Race week. There is also a strict dress code of black and white to adhere to. But, that does not mean you have to be boring. In our selection of Derby Day dresses, we have pushed the boundaries, yet still respecting the dress code

Melbourne Cup

This is arguably the biggest and most anticipated of the days. For a few minutes on the Melbourne Cup day everyone stops what they are doing and tunes into the race. Melbourne Cup is usually when people bring out the big guns –dress wise, this is your time to go big or go home. Since there isn’t really a dress code to abide by, you are free to style it up! Check out our picks below

Oaks Day (aka Ladies Day)

Being colour bold is what Oaks Day is known for. Race wear for Oaks day can feature colourful florals and bold prints if you are planning on making a grand entrance, and lets face it… we all are. So shop below for a few options that could help you do just that

Stakes Day (aka Family Day)

This is the most casual and relaxed of the days. It’s one you can bring your kids to (that’s why it’s also known as Family Day. Due to its relaxed nature, your attire could be relaxed and playful. Jumpsuits or pants suite are quiet suitable race wear options

Happy Melbourne Cup Week!

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