How to wear a Boiler Suit

How to best style a Boiler Suit, and 15 fab ones to choose from

The Boiler Suit is essentially the term used to describe a jumpsuit that is more suited to the colder months. The “boiler suit” is less feminine in its appearance and usually made of a thicker fabric (that is why we say it’s a jumpsuit for winter) and it more likely to have utilitarian vibe.

How to style a Boiler Suit

How to style and wear a boiler

At the TS HQ we love the “boiler suit” and we are not alone, just browse your favourite fashion mags or fashion bloggers Instagram’s and you will be bombarded with images that would make you want to go out and get yourself one.

Although I’m usually all for the “one and done” (a slang used to refer to items of clothing that don’t require pairing or matching) easy to wear clothes. The Boiler can sometimes be a bit tricky to pull off (due to its masculine shape)

So here are a few tricks to fabulously pulling off the Boiler.

1. Pair a boiler suit with some heels. It will instantly add a feminine touch and deliver an effortlessly chic appearance.

2. If you love its shape (a boiler is usually an oversized shape) think of adding a belt to make the best of its proportions. The belt will define a waist and make this a more faltering look.

3. Colour! The don’t forget to get a colour that looks great on you. You don’t want to make a mistake of being swamped in a colour that unflatters you.

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