Colourful winter Knits

Colour is in! And so are Colourful Winter Knits

Colourful Winter Knits!

how to wear colourful knits

When it comes winter time people are quite ready to swathe themselves in wintery colours. These are you black, grey and maybe some dark denim colours thrown in if you are feeling adventurous. But this winter season, this is no longer the case. Just take a browse through your favourite stores, or publications… Colour is every where. And Colourful Knits in particular, we are talking bright pinks and blues, purples, navy and the colour list goes on.

The brighter the better.

Here are some suggestions on how to infuse some colour into your winter wardrobe

1. Layer the colour winter knits with your work wear and you can update your look by styling different colour combinations.

2. Invest in quality knits epecially when dealing with coloured ones. A poor quality knit (or worn out knit) is harder to disguise when it is brightly coloured.

3. Although we are talking colourful knits, don’t be afraid to infuse colour with other items. For example, you could change up your black leather pant for a maroon coloured one.

4. Don’t be afraid to colour block! In fact, we encourage it.

Shop the our fabulous colourful winter knits edit below

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